Goosebump aims to deliver gamification solutions that contribute to an increased awareness with regards to one’s personal and professional life. Goosebump’s games and methodologies are carefully tailored to empower, while introducing levity and a sense of fun to complex issues such as career, identity, and power relations. With a cross-cutting approach, Goosebump products are supported by scientific theories, and are tested by coaches, counselors, and professionals from diverse industries.

Curious and brave players come together in a supportive environment to learn more about themselves and the world in which they live, while discovering what truly feeds their deepest hopes and dreams.

In times when the present can be difficult to face and the future seems dark, Goosebump invites anyone to embark on playful journeys in which emotions and dreams are re-discovered through deep and safe play, becoming a meaningful resource for the true self to emerge and to flourish.

About Founder

Goosebump was founded by Caroline* in September 2020. Originally from the eastern coast of Brazil (Recife), she has lived most of her life abroad between the United States, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In Zurich, Switzerland, she decided to settle down (for a bit) and let her goosebumps guide her.

Caroline studied International Relations, and also pursued an MBA in Management of Social Entrepreneurship, in addition to completing various sustainability-related post-graduate diplomas. Her hybrid profile includes twenty years of experience in sustainability. In this capacity, she has taken on global roles in the private, non-profit, education, certification, and consultancy sectors.

Her competences lay in the field of knowledge management, learning design and facilitation, in addition to game design. Moreover, she has worked for international cooperation agencies and in foundations and start-ups in Latin American, African, and Asian countries.

Her genuine commitment to purpose-driven projects is what first led her to design games. She began her career in gamification in Bonn, Germany, with Fairtrade International. The experience was so transformative that she felt the urge to continue down this path. Soon afterward, Goosebump was born. Caroline’s games are all based on her own personal or professional quests.

Each creation is born out of a concrete intention to trigger and enable self-awareness. The aim is to provide others with a pathway to a deep, and meaningful change. Caroline truly believes in play as a powerful instrument to unlocking potentials.  
*Caroline is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator. 
Caroline Costa Goosebump Founder

Founder's Experience

Caroline Costa - Founder and creative director
Dr. Arisbe Escalante Mendoza - Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Alexandra Humbel - Chief Culture Officer at
Marianne Schambeck - Legal issues 

Domenico della Valle - Managing Director Senior Advisor - Julius Bäer
Eva Jacobs – Managing Director - Fokus Arbeit Umfeld (FAU)
Emilie Andrade – Storyteller – Sementeira (Brazil)
Katarina Danihlikova Engel - Sustainability Marketing Manager, The Dow Chemical Company
Rolf Krebser - RAV Counselor - Swiss Unemployment Agency - Kanton Zurich

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