Fail! Before it´s too late

Fail! Before it´s too late. Just out of the pandemics, and following the same metaphorical language, depth, and exploratory approach seen in Lighthouse, Fail! aims at exploring the concepts of “failure” and “success”, “winning” and “losing”.
The game invites players to jump into the unknown and experience detachment by reflecting upon that which is truly important.
With Life and Action Cards, everyone will need to “let go” of what is non-essential to soon discover what is the game´s central takeaway:

The more you decide to leave behind, the more you win. A game to learn how to detach! 
Phases and Elements
Through Action and Life Cards, players have the opportunity to tell the story, learn, grief, and explore what would they do if the “failure episode” happened again.

Take Aways
1 Revisit one´s failure episodes
2 Be able to extract learnings from these episodes by the change in perspective
3 Recognize which topics compose one´s priorities in life
4 Learn how to detach by thinking what is priority in life and what cannot be taken for granted  

Target Audience
Age group: From 15 onward

FAIL! is appropriate for adolescents, professionals, coaching institutes, HR departments, NGOs and startups 


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