: : A portfolio of serious games designed for people who are curious about change
: : Facilitator’s trainings (“train the trainers” methodology)
: : Design of customized games for companies, schools, or coaching institutes
: : Facilitation services for corporate events
: : Evaluation services for learning purposes 

Target Audience

Goosebump games are intersecting in their objectives and therefore serve the needs of a wide range of profiles and needs. Target audiences include vocational coaches, cultural, phenomenology, gestalt psychologists, organizational counselors, outplacement consultants, culture, experts, startups,
universities, government agencies, HR departments, families, and friends.
Goosebump solutions are appropriate for players aged sixteen and up.


Goosebump’s games and methodologies are carefully tailored to empower, while introducing levity and a sense of fun to complex issues such as career, identity, and power relations.

Cross-Cutting Approach

With a cross-cutting approach, Goosebump products are supported by scientific theories, and are tested by coaches, counselors, and professionals from diverse industries. 

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